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Therapeutic Services

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Couple Therapy


Individual Therapy


Family Therapy

Often, partners in distress want to stay together, but the conflict, frustration, and pain make daily life unbearable. I work with partners to help them understand the patterns that keep them stuck in arguments so they can effectively communicate, reconnect, and improve emotional attachment and intimacy.

Our emotional and mental well-being affects how we show up in relationships and in life. Healing past traumas, processing adverse events, and addressing current difficulties helps us recover and move forward toward a more satisfying life.

Family relationships can be complicated. Family members are often closest to us and have a huge influence us. Sometimes, they are our biggest source of pain causing emotional distress and disconnection. I work with family members to identify and untangle areas of conflict that interfere with loving and important relationships.

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Treatment areas include (and are not limited to):

Trauma and PTSD

Adoption Related Issues

Childhood Trauma

Disturbing Memories

Divorce Related Issues

Emotional Abuse
Grief and Loss

Military Life Issues

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem Issues
Sexual Trauma
Life Transitions

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Painful Events

Physical Abuse

Services: Services
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